MetaMorePhosis® is a revolutionary approach to an age-old business problem:

How to create a fully engaged workforce and an atmosphere where people love their job!

(Without breaking the bank or taking too much time away from the work at hand)


What Problem Does it Solve?

MetaMorePhosis® is not a motivational speech that quickly fades.

It is an 8-week interactive and experiential journey that helps people and organizations thrive and prosper through an uplifting and transformative process that focuses on four key areas of performance and engagement: SKILLS, MINDSET, ENERGY, and CONNECTION.

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Features & Benefits



takes a different approach.

Instead of starting with business objectives and seeking buy-in from their employees, today’s top leaders focus on their employees’ success, and work their way up to a culture of excellence and accountability.

That’s why MetaMorePhosis® was created: as a plea for help from busy leaders looking for a process to advance their employees’ self-interests without sacrificing bottom line results. They wanted a solution that was easy to implement, didn’t distract from the day-to-day work at hand, and had measurable impact, both personally and professionally.

Why Now?

  • Use the changes brought on by COVID-19 to your advantage by developing your people like never before (for less than $100 / person!).
  • Promote a healthy and productive mindset through energizing content that is positive, personal, and future focused.
  • Communicate your commitment to employees well-being, which in turn increases internal conviction, loyalty, and emotional connection to your company and team members.
  • Help your people stay sharp, prepared, and mentally engaged during this time of separation and disconnect.
  • Improve your employees' lives both personally and professionally. Survey data shows it works across all companies and industries, from large to small.
  • The positive and inspiring content in MetaMorePhosis is something the whole family can enjoy together. It will be a welcome change from TV, Netflix, and mindless internet videos.


450 Call-Center Staff & Managers
Turnover DOWN 17.5%.
Customer Satisfaction UP 22%.
“Last year, my team experienced many organizational challenges, and MetaMorePhosis did an outstanding job helping us overcome them! The energy and messages were just what my team needed, and it had a direct impact on our employee AND customer satisfaction scores.” - Pedro Correa, Sr. VP
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10,000+ Employees from Every Level
Overall Mindset UP 41%.
Enjoyment of Job UP 29%.
Performance UP 5%.
“I witnessed a dramatic impact on literally thousands of employees’ lives. The noticeable mindset shift within our hospitals was crucial to meeting our Service Excellence metrics. Thank you for helping Kindred become a FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Company!” - Ben Breier, CEO
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300 Executives and Managers
Commitment to Team UP 24%.
Company Culture UP 17%.
“What a great, uplifting, memorable journey this has been. It has given us all a renewed sense of strength and unity through the economy, fuel prices, mortgage crisis, etc. etc. and has removed barriers preventing us from achieving our highest goals. Our company will never be the same.” - Jerry Sink, Sr. VP
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How Does it Work?

MetaMorePhosis® helps business leaders motivate their employees and transform the work environment into engaging hubs of energy, ambition, and accountability. Think of it like a full 8-hour live-session, broken down into daily, bite-sized chunks.



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Designed for Teams and Organizations of all Sizes.

Engage your staff; from small business to enterprise.

Teams & Business Units

Whether you are a small-business leader or you lead a business unit within a larger organization, MetaMorePhosis is designed to help you quickly roll out a professional, enterprise-quality program. We have worked with companies such as Vision Source, Comverge, Starcite, and Vision Source at this scale to help them build dynamic, engaged employees.

All our employees continue to “Play Full Out!” I have noticed a change in employees, meetings and events around our organization daily. Thank you for helping us drive new opportunity for employees --- both personally and professionally. We continue to transform our habits daily with customers, employees, and loved ones. Thanks for making a difference!
Adrian J. Hebig, Sr. Vice President (U.S. Bank) - Minneapolis, MN
Medium-Sized Businesses

Medium-Sized businesses experience challenges “bringing together” their employees, from teambuilding to delivering a central message. MetaMorePhosis provides a friendly, competitive environment for teams to rally together -- and grow personally and professionally along the way. We have worked with companies such as CBL, Concentra, SumTotal, Indus/Ventyx, and Campus Management.

We spend more than this on free office coffee -- and rest assured, nobody ever thanked me for the coffee! So easy to get started, and the self-directed nature of the program meant no distractions from our daily grind. The feedback and results were more than I could have expected. I just wish we would have done it sooner.
Greg Dukat, Chairman and CEO (Comverge) - Norcross, GA

MetaMorePhosis was designed with the Enterprise customer in mind. Scalable to tens of thousands of employees, MetaMorePhosis provides unique customization tools to help leadership communicate to their entire organization. When you recognize the impact of a bump in the Skills, Mindset, Energy, and Connection of your company, we are here to help. We have worked with companies such as Verizon, Comcast, US Cellular, and Kindred Rehabilitation.

I am very pleased we embarked on this program. The scores and feedback received really demonstrate this has been money well spent. Business success starts with effective leadership, and MetaMorePhosis provides the theory and practical examples of many of our core values. We are already working on how we can do and be MORE; more accountable to ourselves & others, more lasting customer relationships, and more key competencies for work and life!
John Stevenson, Senior Director (US Cellular) - Chicago, IL
A Transformation Process

No matter the size of your team or organization, we are here to help you make it the best place your employees have ever worked. MetaMorePhosis gives leaders (who are responsible for the bottom line and the livelihood of their people) the tools to improve not only the Skills, but the Mindset, Energy, and Connection of their employees -- and ultimately the Overall Performance of their organization.

The MetaMorePhosis program helped realized that I truly can expect more, become more and do more ... since completing the course I have taken a major step out of my comfort zone by applying to a management position within the company. I definitely want to succeed because I want my company to succeed!!!
C. Chacon, Sales Associate, Santa Monica, CA

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