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what graduates are saying…

  • Not only have I seen my own life deepen from a newer perspective, I've noticed it in others. I think this is one of the wisest investments that Kindred has ever made. Since it was not a mandatory program, not everyone participated, and I'm saddened by that. I am seeing a slow change in our hospital culture to a better one.

    Kent Barnard RN, Clinical Liaison, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • I was skeptical about joining this program, but cannot begin tell you in words how I have gained more than I ever expected. I have shared with others that this program has not only been of benefit to me, but my family and friends. Doug's CD's have traveled with me on several road trips and my family has enjoyed his energizing deliveries as well. I am proud to be a GRADUATE and can only encourage you to embrace the journey.

    Lourene Money VP/CCO West Region, Yorba Linda, CA
  • Felt at the beginning: With so much busy-ness in my life I didn't know whether I could listen to all the CD's and complete the whole Meta-MORE-Phosis program. Learned about myself: To be true to self and be open for change. Added to life and my employer: A team is only as strong as its coach. Genuine coaching is a gift, either inherent or something to strive for. Either way, being a good team member and an example to others is the strength to our organization.

    Mary Kopp Clinical Dietitian, Tampa, FL

what Leaders are saying…

  • You've been amazing! I love having you a part of our organization. Please take special pride in knowing you've made a difference in literally thousands of our employees' lives. I look forward to our ongoing discussions and adventures together.

    Ben Breier COO (Kindred Healthcare), Louisville, KY
  • My staff and I have used this information to change and improve how we work together. Thank you!!

    Diane Scholtes Nurse Manager, Chicago, IL
  • This has been a wonderful experience. I just wish that more employees could take advantage of this program. I have always been a positive person, but the Meta-MORE-Phosis program has helped me set new goals and to be motivated to do more and be more. If everyone would try to be this way, what a wonderful energy they could have individually and what a wonderful energy the company would have. I will listen to the CDs many more times to reinforce the training and keep me motivated.

    Scott Nance Area Director of Laboratory Services, Houston, TX